Happy George’s Father’s Day – About Ray Susniak

It’s always hard to put yourself in another person’s place, especially when that person’s personality is totally different from yours, but maybe that’s why I like to do it so much. It is a very special Challenge if this person belongs to the opposite sex on top of that. Admittedly, one often can have more„Happy George’s Father’s Day – About Ray Susniak“ weiterlesen

Happy George’s Mother’s day – about Dolores Sugarman

Since today is Mother’s Day in Germany, I thought I could go into a very special mother role; George’s mother Dolores Sugarman. At the beginning of the story, it quickly becomes clear that Dolores is an extremely attractive woman, and thus even George therapist Dr. Manvill gets a little bit intimidated by that. Dolores has„Happy George’s Mother’s day – about Dolores Sugarman“ weiterlesen